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Source: Instagram

Conrad's Fate Is Still in Limbo on 'The Resident'


Fox's medical drama show The Resident has come to its mid-season finale, leaving the fate of one of viewers' favorite character hanging in limbo. We know that since Devon is graduating from his internship, Conrad (Matt Czuchry) is in place to be promoted to chief resident — oh, and there's the ongoing legal battle that the hospital is facing.

While Conrad seems to have most patients' best interests at heart when treating them, could this recent hiccup in his practice be the end of his time at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital?

Is Conrad leaving The Resident?

In case you're not caught up, Conrad is currently named in a legal battle that Chastain Park Memorial Hospital is facing right now. In the hopes to get more information about where a hostage was being kept, Conrad made the decision to withhold a patient's morphine in an effort to interrogate him for more information.

Was that the doctor's decision to make? Probably not — and it seems like there could be legal repercussions for Conrad because of it.