Anon Please! Deux Moi Creator Reveals She Has Received Tips From Celebs (EXCLUSIVE)

Deux Moi is known for sharing all of the hottest celebrity gossip, but is it really accurate? The creator behind the account tells us what she can.

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 6 2021, Published 11:38 a.m. ET

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With more than one million followers, the celebrity gossip Instagram account @DeuxMoi has been one of the first to share some spicy news — but just how accurate is it? Her account is filled with anonymous tips from various sources, and she's taking her behind-the-curtain look at Hollywood to Spotify. In a new series on Spotify Greenroom called Deux Moi After Dark, she talks with various celebrities and Hollywood producers (and listeners can contribute to a live chat during the show).

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The creator behind the infamous account spoke exclusively with Distractify — though her real identity was not disclosed — about her new Spotify show and gave us the inside scoop on managing her ever-popular Deux Moi account.

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First, what is a blind item on Deux Moi?

For those not familiar with Deux Moi's account, one of the most common submissions she receives is blind items.

"I think people use the word blind item for every submission, but not every submission is a blind item," she says. "A blind item is something that you have to guess. If I tell you who it is about, or if it has a lot of information in it, that's not a blind item, that's just [a post]."

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She says her account only had about 40,000 when she initially started posting about celebrity gossip, as her followers shared their personal experiences with celebrities. Then by the beginning of 2021, as she explains to Distractify, her followers just started sending her anonymous tips about celebrity gossip.

"In the first week of January, somebody sent me that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were a couple, that Kim and Kanye were getting divorced, and then, like, one other big tip," she says. "I was like, Is this Christmas?'"

Even celebrities are sometimes contributors to Deux Moi.

It's no secret that Deux Moi has made some enemies in the celeb sphere with some of her tips — but even A-listers can't help but join in on the gossip sometimes. When asked whether or not celebrities have submitted tips to her, she replied with a simple "yes."

"I don't speak about sources," she says. "But yeah, it has happened. It doesn't happen that often, but it has happened."

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While other gossip icons like Perez Hilton have no shame in sharing just about anything, Deux Moi says she has certain lines she won't cross.

"[I won't publish] anything about a celebrity's sexuality if it hasn't been revealed by the celebrity themselves," she says. "I mean I wouldn't even make that a blind item."

What sets herself apart from others, she says, is the authenticity of the information she shares.

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"People are seeing the information exactly how I'm getting it, not editorialized," she says. "I'm not putting my opinion on it, I'm not changing their quote ... but if I'm just posting a DM, that's exactly the information I'm getting. It's an honest and not-watered-down piece of information."

That being said, she's more than willing to admit when something she posted wasn't accurate.

"I'm not afraid to say I'm wrong. I'm not afraid to say, this was a fake tip or this was wrong information, because it happens," she says. "I don't work with any publicists unless they conceal their identity to me and are feeding me information, I don't know who they are, which could happen. I don't check any of my information with publicists."

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