‘FBI’ Fans Rejoice: The Series and All of Its Episodes Are Coming to Paramount Plus

Folks who signed up for Paramount Plus hoping to see all of the episodes of 'FBI' available on the platform are in for some good news.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 3 2021, Published 3:26 p.m. ET

Is 'FBI' on Paramount+
Source: Paramount Plus

Watching all of your favorite shows in one, easy to navigate software solution is definitely easier to do now than it's ever been, but that doesn't mean there aren't some sticking points here and there to ruin your binge-watching experience.

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For instance, some streaming companies will only air certain episodes at specific times. Other services only have specific seasons of a show, with folks left twiddling their thumbs and watching other series in the interim (or torrenting them) until they become available.

Some FBI fans signed up for Paramount Plus and wanted to know if all of the show's episodes are on the platform. We have good news for them!

Is 'FBI' on Paramount Plus?

ViacomCBS' own streaming service, Paramount Plus, combined with Showtime, has managed to secure a whopping 42 million global subscribers. Many of those subscribers are due to the new platform quickly bolstering its offerings with a slew of popular series and movies.

However, due to the Viacom/CBS merger, the content that ultimately gets selected for Paramount Plus isn't always what you'd expect (unlike it might be with other services such as Disney Plus).

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is fbi on paramount plus
Source: YouTube

That's mainly because the Mouse seemingly rules things with an iron fist. For the most part, if Disney owns it, then it's headed to their streaming platform. Obviously, Marvel's Netflix properties complicate the matter somewhat, and there are even reports of a Season 4 of Daredevil reportedly being developed for Disney, with no word of what's happening to Seasons 1-3.

This means that separate seasons of the show can exist on separate streaming platforms, and FBI initially experienced a similar fate.

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At first, the FBI franchise's deal with Paramount Plus was a limited one. You would figure since Viacom and CBS are one in the same, that there wouldn't be any impediment to getting the show on Paramount Plus then, right? Well, it's a little more complicated than that. The popular CBS crime drama is a joint venture between CBS and Universal Television.

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Universal is owned by NBC, so the initial deal for FBI on the streaming platform left out the first three seasons of the show.

Now every season of FBI will be available for Paramount Plus customers to watch to their hearts' content, but fans still have some questions.

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Are 'FBI' spin-offs like 'International' going to appear on Paramount Plus as well?

If you head over to Paramount Plus, you'll see that FBI: Most Wanted's third season is available to stream, but not earlier episodes. FBI: International just debuted in 2021 and the first three episodes of the show are also featured on Paramount Plus, so it looks like if that series gets greenlit for more seasons, then they'll all find a home on Paramount Plus.

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Where else can I stream 'FBI'?

If you don't have a Paramount Plus subscription but still want to stream FBI, then you'll be able to do so on CBS' own site. Of course, there will be ads to deal with, which nobody likes, but if you want to get your fix of federal criminal intrigue, then that's what you'll have to be dealing with.

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