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Source: twitter

Is 'First Responders Live' Really a Live Show?


Growing up, one of my favorite shows to watch with my older brother was Cops, mostly because that reggae intro song was easily the coolest theme music on TV. Also because no matter what, without fail, there was always a criminal who was missing their shirt for whatever reason, and I always hoped to get to the bottom of why. Cops isn't on TV anymore, but there are other shows out there that fill the void, like First Responders Live, but is it really live?

Typically, when a show says that it's live, even then, it's not fully "live," they'll broadcast on a 10-second delay or so which will allow censors to bleep any cusses that manage to slip out. With the case of network or cable television, it's pretty rare that any series is conducted actually "live" and that's because live broadcasts require a ton of work, not to mention ridiculously high levels of stress for everyone involved, both on the camera and behind it.