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Source: paramount pictures

Is 'Gemini Man' a Remake and Why Does Will Smith Look So Strangely Young? We've Got Answers!


De-aging CGI is all the rage these days, heck, even Martin Scorsese is using it in his final swooping gangster flick epic, The Irishman, which isn't a remake of this movie, even if the two seem familiar. There are some films that do physical face alterations a little better than others, however. If you were unfortunate enough to sit through all of Justice League, then you probably noticed how terrible Henry Cavill's mustache-less face looked. Gemini Man doesn't have that problem.

When I first saw the trailer in theaters I was like, "whoa I gotta get on Will Smith's skincare routine... and bone structure de-widening routine" but then I quickly realized that, holy smokes, magic and L'oreal weren't behind his youthful look, just a bunch of nerds working on computers.

Another thing that popped out to me while watching the trailer, which is what a lot of people felt when it first dropped, was that the movie's plot felt really familiar for some reason.