Are the Hauntings on 'Ghost Nation' Real or Totally Made Up? Let's Investigate


Mar. 7 2021, Published 1:43 p.m. ET

'Ghost Nation'
Source: Travel Channel

Human fascination with the paranormal could arguably go back to the days of Scooby-Doo and horror movies. Following the success of Syfy's original series Ghost Hunters, a new branch of the show called Ghost Nation is now airing on the Travel Channel — and it has captured the attention of viewers. A few skeptical fans want to know: is Ghost Nation real? Or are the hauntings staged for the show? 

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Is 'Ghost Nation' real?

During an interview with In Touch Weekly before the release of the first season of Ghost Nation in 2019, the stars of the show (who are part of the professional ghost hunting group known as The Atlantic Paranormal Society) explained that their mindset as they go into cases is shockingly skeptical. 

is ghost nation real
Source: Travel Channel
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"[W]e believe that over 80 percent of all claims can be disproved. You can see that on the show; sometimes we’re able to find things that have scientific explanations or are the result of medical conditions," team member Jason Hawes, said. "That’s what’s always set us apart is that where a lot of other teams are going in thinking that everything is ghost-related, we go in looking for the real-world explanation."

Jason added that the new equipment that the group has been utilizing has led to the collection of some pretty mind-blowing evidence of paranormal activity. 

He says, "...[W]e literally caught the Holy Grail piece of evidence on a camera where we’re outside, nobody’s in the house and the camera alerted us ... I mean, we had people that were refusing to go into the house at that point. Some of the best evidence we’ve ever caught is now, because of some of this newer equipment we’re bringing in."

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Source: Instagram

That being said, in a separate interview with SyFy, team member Steve Gonsalves discusses that Ghost Nation isn't out to "prove the existence of the paranormal to anyone" but rather, the fact that the show will dive into the history of the land itself adds to the experience. He also admits that sometimes, they discover a building's spooky history is more of a rumor that made the homeowner nervous. 

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What does this mean for the show? 

In the words of the team themselves, it sounds like Ghost Nation is pursuing cases because they believe that what they are investigating is real — and whether or not the viewer believes is up to the individual.

Many people are interested to learn more about the paranormal aspects of the world, so Ghost Nation appeals to that natural curiosity.

Source: Instagram

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, it's possible that Ghost Nation could change your mind. You could even learn a little bit about the history of places near you, haunted or otherwise. Currently, there is no word whether Season 3 has been confirmed, so we'll just have to wait and see if the mysteries for the current Season 2 are as surprising as the team has said!

Ghost Nation's Season 2 currently airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel.

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