Jim Belushi Is an Actor, but Does That Mean His Reality TV Series Is Scripted?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jan. 26 2022, Published 2:26 p.m. ET

'Growing Belushi'
Source: Discovery

To say that the legal marijuana business in America is flourishing would be a huge understatement. The U.S. Cannabis report has chronicled tremendous growth just in the past few years. If you take a look at the state of Colorado, its GDP has been steadily increasing every single year since weed became legal.

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So it makes sense that a lot of folks with some capital are looking to break into the marijuana industry. Actor Jim Belushi is one of those people. And his show Growing Belushi puts the whole process on display. Fans who've watched the series want to know, however: Is it scripted?

Is 'Growing Belushi' Scripted?
Source: YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning
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Is 'Growing Belushi' scripted?

There are tons of celebrities who are trying to get in on that sweet cannabis money. Billy Ray Cyrus launched his own cannabis brand (and has some of the best sativa pre-rolls I've ever tried). Mike Tyson started Tyson Ranch, which earns a reported $500,000 a month.

Jim Belushi is also growing pot on Belushi's Farm, and it's the subject of Growing Belushi, a new reality TV show on Discovery.

Jim bought 83 acres of land around Medford, Ore. to begin his grow operation, and the show illustrates all of the work that goes into not only growing specific strains of weed but running a successful pot business.

The series' first episode delves into Jim's process of growing Captain Jack, a particular breed crafted by a man who goes by the same name.

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Captain Jack apparently supplied pot to Saturday Night Live castmates for years, and now Jim wants to grow and sell it from his farm, but he ran into some hiccups in cultivating it, which resulted in a less-than-ideal harvest.

There are some folks who think that particular moments in the show are scripted. In the first episode, for example, Celeb Stoner writes that the "intervention" scene appeared staged: "There's an intervention by his family that appears to be entirely scripted. Most family members, except for his daughter Jamie, disagree with his involvement in the cannabis industry. On the other hand, Jamie suggests he expand with a line of Blues Brothers products."

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IMDb users who shared their thoughts on the show also expressed the series felt scripted. "I tuned in not really knowing what to expect. Immediately you can see it is totally scripted in a reality show type of way and everyone is playing to the camera. But at the same time, I found it really funny," one user wrote.

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They continued, "Jim basically plays a goofy guy trying to run his marijuana business and show his love of marijuana. Is it a documentary or showing you how to run a marijuana business? Not at all.

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"If you want something light to watch with everything going on in the world, and are interested in just seeing beautiful trees (pot), grow rooms and dispensaries with Jim's comedy on the side, you will enjoy it. Not for everyone, but not bad nonetheless."

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Another user wrote, "If you dive into this show knowing it is scripted, you can laugh about how ridiculous yet funny it truly is. Jim Belushi's expressions and mannerisms are just hilarious. He's clearly trying to gear this show towards a comedy and not a drama. Nothing wrong with it. Just relax and be entertained."

Is 'Growing Belushi' canceled?

No! Season 2 of the series debuted on Jan. 19, 2022, and there are more episodes slated to appear on Discovery. Whether or not a third season will be released is largely contingent on ratings, and according to online reports, it appears to be doing quite well.

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