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Source: YouTube

Is Hailey 2 From 'Unexpected' Pregnant? She Just Might Be


Fans of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are likely also following the drama of TLC's show Unexpected, and its new cast of teen parents who are pregnant and completely unprepared to raise a kid. Most recently, we watched Hailey 1 and her beau, Matt, prepare to have a kid together — before he left her for her friend Hailey 2, that is.

Since the dramatic turn of events, Hailey 1 has had her baby, Kinsley, while Hailey 2 and Matt are very public on social media about their new relationship.

Is Hailey 2 from Unexpected pregnant?

But recently, fans have been wondering if Hailey 2 is going down the same path as her former friend and having a kid of her own. It begs the question: Is Hailey 2 pregnant? It looks like she might be.