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Source: Twitter

Is James Olsen Really Leaving CW’s ‘Supergirl’? We’ve Got Bad News for 'Guardian' Fans


Fans of the CW show Supergirl — and of character James Olsen — got quite a shock with Season 5, Episode 4 entitled “In Plain Sight.” In it, we see James — who has been a key figure in Supergirl’s CatCo family since the pilot episode — decide to leave town for good. We also got to see proof that James Olsen is actually Jimmy Olsen (a notable character from the comics). But we have to know for sure — is James Olsen really leaving Supergirl?

Is James Olsen leaving Supergirl?

From his humble beginnings as a photographer at the Calvintown Gazette to his meteoric success as CEO of CatCo, James has experienced quite a lot of change over the past five seasons of the show. And that’s not even including his recently adopted role as vigilante The Guardian — a big job in and of itself, to be sure.