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Source: Getty Images

'Big Brother' Fans Think Julie Chen Is Pregnant and This Honestly Needs to Stop


Women in Hollywood really get the short end of the stick. When Big Brother 21 premiered on June 25, a few viewers felt the need to express on Twitter that longtime host, Julie Chen, looked pregnant.

Why did they think this? Well, her dress didn’t hug her figure, meaning she has to be expecting, right? 

Big Brother fans: Stop questioning whether Julie Chen is pregnant.

A wardrobe choice shouldn’t elicit comments about the brunette beauty's figure, but sadly, that’s the world we live in. "I ask this with no disrespect as I’m a huge fan... but is Julie Chen pregnant? Look at those clothes in the #BB21 house tour...." one Twitter user wrote during the first episode. 

Another responded, "I was wondering what was going on with that dress. Seemed too big on her. Time will tell."