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Source: Instagram

Kylie Jenner Isn't Suing Anyone Over Her "Rise and Shine" Meme


"Self-made" billionaire and accidental meme-queen Kylie Jenner has been making rounds on the internet again. In a video where Kylie was showing off her mommy routine, she turns on the light in daughter Stormi's room and sings (albeit a little off key) "rise and shine."

And the internet ran off with it. 

Since, there have been countless memes, jokes, and even remixes made of the clip. Kylie herself even shared a couple to join in on the laughs.

"Rise and shine" is easily more iconic than her previous "realizing things" meme, and she's already moved to capitalize on the internet fame. The mogul has a "Rise and Shine" hoodie added to her merch shop and recently filed a trademark for the slogan so she could produce a makeup collection inspired by the meme (which didn't work). Honestly, though we're here for it.