These Memes of Kylie Jenner Singing To Stormi Will Make Your Day

In a recent 'KUWTK' episode, Kylie Jenner shows viewers Stormi's room. To wake her up, she sang 'rise and shine,' and its become a hilarious meme.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Feb. 22 2021, Updated 3:42 p.m. ET

Very few people can resist a solid Kardashian-Jenner meme, and the latest to stem from the family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is truly hysterical.

Kylie Jenner brings viewers (as well as her camera crew) into Stormi's bedroom room, while the toddler is sleeping. And to wake her up, Kylie sings the phrase "rise and shine." Now, that clip has become a hilarious meme, so if you haven't seen the Kylie Jenner "rise and shine" memes, they're definitely what you need in your life today.

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1. Everyone has been here before...

Sometimes waking up your roommates after a few glasses of wine is basically kind of inevitable, whether it's on purpose or by accident  #SorryNotSorry.

2. The one where Chandler and Kylie collaborate

With the rise of Instagram meme account @chandler_holding_ur_fav_album, it comes as no surprise that somebody decided to make one featuring Kylie's latest single, "Rise And Shine." 

TBH we saw this coming, but it's perfect nonetheless.

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3. When you feel like Kylie is really just a metaphor for all of your aches and pains

Maybe your takeaway is that Kylie really just represents everything that wakes us up in the middle of the night... so I really don't know how to feel about that.

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4. Some Kylie fans are just really digging her tunes

Maybe Kylie's "rise and shine" riff is all you need to get up for that 6 a.m. Soul Cycle class, and I really respect that.

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5. The "Rise and Shine" remixes are fire, too

Honestly, this slaps, guys. Should Kylie start an a capella group in her spare time? Maybe she should consider collaborating with Kanye? Either way, I'm thinking this gal needs a record deal ASAP. 

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6. Then, some replaced Kylie's voice with something completely different


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7. Will Kylie become the new wake-up call?

It definitely seems like roosters and alarm clocks everywhere are going to start taking inspo from Kylie. This beat is unlike anything else to wake up to.

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8. Like, this is MAJOR

I really don't think anyone expected Kylie to become the new Paul McCartney today, but alas, it's finally happened. And to be honest, I'm not upset about it — maybe this is really the direction in which pop music is heading.

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9. Apparently the wake-up call works with dogs, too

I need to try this, like, now. If you happen to be a pet owner, I suggest you try this out ASAP.

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10. Kylie is truly breaking the internet

The youngest Jenner definitely isn't the first in her family to break the internet, and she sure as heck won't be the last. 

Kylie's latest singing meme has created a slew of incredible memes, whether it's relishing in the fact that her singing voice was pretty much on-key, envying Stormi for getting such a pleasant wakeup call, or simply LOLing at the fact that this was a really, really weird moment for reality T.V. 

Either way, thank you, Kylie, for this. It's truly what everyone needed today.

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