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Source: Yigit Eken/Netflix

Is Hakan's Love Leyla Really an Immortal in 'The Protector' Season 2?


The last time we saw Hakan Demir (Çagatay Ulusoy), the last of The Protectors, he was in the Hagia Sophia confronting the last Immortal, Faysal Erdem, who was attempting to bring his late wife back to life, in Season 1 finale of The Protector. 

Unfortunately, his girlfriend Leyla Sancak (Ayça Aysin Turan) had been shot by Faysal moments before they entered the Turkish landmark, and she had seeming passed away from wounds... or did she? 

Hakan's partner, Zeynep, was attempting to revive Leyla using the Immortal's blood — which we know can cure a person — but we never see her open her eyes.