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Logan Paul's Newest Video Has Us Asking (Yet Again): Is He Really Color Blind?



Few people have found themselves as the center of as many scandals and controversies as internet personality Logan Paul. It’s safe to say that the YouTuber is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to keep himself in the spotlight. While some of his attempts at being famous have been truly deplorable, others are just straight-up bizarre.

One of his weirdest stunts occurred way back in 2016 when Logan published a video entitled “THESE GLASSES CURED MY COLORBLINDNESS!” Some people were instantly suspicious (and not only because of the all-caps screaming title). Now, Logan has uploaded another video claiming that special glasses cured his color blindness. Is Logan Paul really color blind? Here’s what we know.

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Is Logan Paul really color blind?

In the 2016 video, Logan dons some glasses that are specially made to counteract the effects of color blindness. In the caption of the video, he claims that they allow him to “see color for the first time in [his] life.” That’s a red flag that even the most color blind person should be able to see. If you’re not already aware, color blind people don’t see in black and white (except for in extremely rare cases). 

After Logan puts the glasses on in his 2016 video, he immediately starts getting emotional. He also starts saying some pretty questionable things, like claiming to not realize his parrot had multi-colored feathers. The video was (and still is) wildly popular — it has more than 29 million views. But it also had a fair number of detractors.

After Logan’s video gained popularity, people began wondering whether the YouTuber really is color blind. Eventually (nearly a year after uploading the initial video), Logan admitted that the color blindness video wasn’t completely legit.

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“I did not lie,” Logan said in another video, reacting to the controversy surrounding the first color blindness video. “What I did do is embellish [...] I wanted to create an amazing story; an amazing piece of content that showed what it means to be color blind. Just like any storyteller, I exaggerated my reactions.” That being said, Logan claimed — and maintains to this day — that he is truly color blind. But there’s something suspicious about the newest video, too.

Logan just released another video about his supposed color blindness.

In the new video, published May 20, 2020, Logan once again puts on glasses meant to fix his color blindness. Logan is much more self-aware in the newer video, fully admitting to having hammed it up in the 2016 color blindness video. He does still have a moment where he’s near tears at sunset, but it seems much more believable and genuine this time around.

There is one thing we noticed that’s a little suspicious, though. Back in 2016 (and in his 2017 video where Logan admitted he was “embellishing”), Logan claimed to have deuteranomaly-type color blindness. In the new video, he takes the color blindness test again and is diagnosed as having protanomaly. Both are types of red-green color blindness, but they are marked by malfunctions in two different types of cones (more on that here).

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A still from Logan’s 2017 video, in which he claims to have deuteranomaly.

Logan also claims that his color blindness has gotten worse over time, but according to the Colour Blind Awareness Organization, inherited color blindness stays the same throughout a color blind person’s lifetime. Hm.

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A still from Logan’s May 20, 2020 video, in which he now appears to have protanomaly.

We’re not trying to open another internet can of worms here, but there are plenty of things about Logan’s newest video that are honestly making us doubt what he says all over again. It’s not as though he’s a paragon of truth or anything, but being color blind is such a bizarre thing to lie about, right? So, did his color blindness type switch and get worse over the past few years, or is Logan Paul still stringing us all along? We can’t wait to see the internet sleuths crack the case.

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