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No, Logan Paul Wasn't Actually Involved in an Accident Back in 2018



Logan Paul has always been at the forefront of controversy when it comes to his internet shenanigans. He's recorded insensitive videos in the forests of hallowed Japanese forests. He make a ruckus at Yosemite National Park. Then, one day, in 2018, he filmed the aftermath of a car crash in a bid to, well, farm some hits from the event. Yes, all of this was done in the name of attracting more eyes to his YouTube channel, which seems to have done the trick, as he remains extremely popular. 

Fortunately (perhaps to many, "unfortunately" is the key operator here) Logan wasn't actually involved in any sort of accident, and thus had been using the imagery as clickbait. Still, the question many viewers asked during that time persists: was Logan Paul in an accident? Was he okay? And what was going on with that video, anyway? Don't worry, Logan Paul-ers. We've got the answers you seek. Just read further and we'll illuminate the situation a bit for you. 

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Was Logan Paul in a car accident in 2018?

The short answer is no. The video the footage in question was actually used in was called "Our Last Day in Yosemite Was a Disaster." It's a lengthy vlog where Logan is seen, around the 7 minute mark, leaving a river after falling out of his kayak because he heard a loud sound. He believes it to be a crash, so he hurries up and leaves the water to go investigate. He and his friend Andy Altig come across a cargo van with a family inside that has just been in an accident, and they stay to help out. 

The pair do end up checking in with the family as you can hear a young child in pain during the video. They make sure the man trying to open his door is fine, as they head back to the river where their kayaks had been left. They make it a point to return to the family later in the video, but many believe this to have been an exploitative move on Logan's part on par with the way he filmed a dead body in Japan's "Suicide Forest." Either way, Logan himself was not involved in the accident. 

This is pretty much par for the course when it comes to a Logan Paul video (or a Jake Paul video, for that matter). But as far as we know, this 2018 "accident" stuff is baseless. Hopefully the family in the video were able to get the help they needed, though, and didn't have to sit there and wait while being filmed. 

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For now, it seems like everything is all well and good in the world of Logan Paul. Rejoice, or...complain about it online, depending on how you feel about the guy. 

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