No, 'No Nut November' Is Not Canceled Due to COVID, So Stay Focused

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Nov. 4 2020, Updated 9:32 a.m. ET

is no nut november cancelled due to covid cover
Source: Twitter

It seems like everything is being thrown out the window now that COVID-19 has come into the picture and run amok on everyone's lives. But No Nut November? It's kind of ridiculous that people are wondering whether it's canceled due to COVID.

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No, No Nut November is not canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're unfamiliar with "No Nut November" or NNN, it's a personal challenge that men issue themselves online to go one month without ejaculating. There are supposed to be a litany of salubrious effects from practicing abstinence for 30 days straight, which includes improved concentration and mental clarity, heightened athletic performance due to high testosterone stores, and boosts in self-confidence.

is no nut november cancelled due to covid
Source: Twitter
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The rules of NNN seem simple enough where COVID shouldn't affect them.

The self-confidence boost is probably most likely achieved through the pride one feels for being able to practice self-control for prolonged periods of time, but does that mean that the personal challenge is no longer occurring due to these uncertain times? Well it depends on who you ask.

Obviously, you can still practice abstinence if you're locked up indoors for the most part and maintaining social distancing, but according to some folks on the internet, that isn't the case.

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There are tons of jokes and memes being shared on Reddit that cheekily list the multitude of "legitimate" reasons as to why NNN is being canceled due to COVID.

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What soon ensued was a discussion as to why people voluntarily put themselves into the type of headspace that they need in order to actually "succeed" in completing No Nut November. Some people said that it was a challenge formulated by a bunch of people who couldn't get laid in the first place and wanted to share their misery with everyone else.

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Is COVID one of the legitimate NNN "passes"?

Then, there are those who are trying to legitimately argue that NNN should be canceled because of COVID-19 due to all of the other hardships individuals have endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We've been forced to abstain from a lot of life's pleasures because of this pandemic, so why should we have to endure not ejaculating?

So, some would argue they get a "pass" for NNN.

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Does NNN count for girls?

While there are probably a ton of meninists who would argue that it's "not the same," the majority of NNN participants would welcome women participants in the challenge with open arms. Well, maybe don't get too close because physical contact after a few weeks of not having any would probably make completing NNN very difficult.

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So, are you competing in NNN? Or are you more like Israel Adesanya and think that the practice is absolutely ridiculous and in many cases, even harmful?

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