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These 50 TikTok Memes Might Make You Finally Stop Hating TikTok



Once upon a time, Vine was the annoying social media tool of choice for people to share short-form video clips of jokes, memes, funny scenarios, magic tricks, visual illusions, or whatever viral nonsense was popular at the time. Then, Vine went away and everyone pretty much started using Snapchat and Instagram's video feature.

But then people got tired of that for whatever reason, and a new widespread social phenomenon began, TikTok.

Sure, there are several memes about how lame TikTok is and how it stinks and how annoying a lot of folks on the platform are, but the same can be said of throngs of Twitter users who stan terrible music acts, or Instagram "influencers" who attack pseudo-philosophical ramblings with pictures of their asses and abs.

That being said, while TikTok's annoying-as-all-hell advertising campaigns and branding are enough to make you want to sit on your porch and scream "GET OFF MY LAWN!" to anyone who appears to be under the age of 22, there are some legit gems on the platform that you can't miss. Here are some absolute winners I've come across.

Best. Lapdance. Ever.

I wish I would've seen this live, but I'm thankful that someone was there to document this brilliant act of awkwardness.

I must play this game.

Watching this now I'm thinking that I'd definitely be able to figure them out right away... but then again, I pronounced the word Colonel as "KALANELL" when I had to read aloud in class once.

This kid's the best.

And that was the day that little Jaden's social media obsession was born.


People are wondering just how in the heck the guy gets the milk inside the eggplant. There's a very easy explanation: magic, duh. That or a syringe.

Best of all time.

Seriously, all other TikTokkers take notice (yes you need two "k's" otherwise it's "tokers").

Quick question.

How lame would it be if a 6'1 230 pound Eastern European man with two children who's nearing his mid 30s started taking up heely-ing?


I'm not going to comment on the message at all, but the delivery method was just wonderful. Excellent set up, 10/10.

Sheer delight. And pride.

The download and registration for TikTok was well worth it sir, bravo.

My heart is hurting.

Every horrible memory from middle school and my freshman year just landed on my face right now.

This is actually pretty cool.

Sure, this guy looks like he's just begging to be bullied by a linebacker who's totally gonna drive his dad's mustang on Saturday if he's in a good mood, but it's a great clip.

I don't know how to react.

I feel just me saying anything about this video would get so many people angry but I think as the stance of a parent I can say this sorta thing is not OK.

It's hard NOT to think about this TikTok.

I'm getting very on-point, unique poetry slam kinda performance vibes from this mixed with a non-regional news anchor dialect with a hint of the Marvelous Ms. Maisel.

Apple's getting really weird with their advertising.

Honestly, I don't think it'd hurt the sales of the newest iPhone one bit.

My mind started hurting the second those cups started moving.

I don't care enough to solve this; I'm not going to even try but I know there's a bunch of nerds out there who will.

Got nothing on Waffle House.

Seriously, those prices are pretty great but I could get even BETTER meals at WH or Cracker Barrel and they come with endless coffee too. But granted it does look amazing.


I love how there were audience members who had to tell him to unwrap a gift. Easily one of the best WWE unboxings of all time, next to Macho Man getting a snake for a wedding gift from Jake Roberts.

Yes... two WWE ones in a row... trust me.

It was totally worth it, wasn't it? I couldn't help but bop to this after listening multiple times in a row.

Baby Yoda might be played out...

But not when you translate the name of the meme into French and slap him in a stereotypical Parisian situation. Just look at him and that little Eiffel tower!

When it comes to wholesomeness...

It's hard to top someone taking their dog to a build-a-bear workshop so they can customize their own plushy experience.

I'm amazed.

Seriously, this guy created a bumping beat just so he could be a fake Gucci and Fendi baller in Thailand. I'm in love.

These kids are nuts.

Please tell me that's some camera trickery going on and these kids really weren't putting their craniums at risk from falling luggage and potted shrubbery.

This is adorable.

The fake-out. The synchronization, and the pure joy of top athletes getting in on such a fun little stunt is heartwarming.

I love this man.

I know he's featured up earlier in this article but I had to include this track that he made out of noises from random things in his hotel room. So good.

Wait for it. I PROMISE.

The punchline in this one is everything. At first I was all like, "what's with this dude's awkward faces?" and then I was like, "HAH!" Worth it.

Whooaaa like...

"Do you ever feel like we're the food being microwaved, dude? By the universe because of global warming?"

Everyone always thinks they've found the "best" TikTok.

And while everyone's usually full of crap, I have to say that this one is a recipe for viral success. Cats almost always are.

Then again, dogs with roses...

Are pretty great too, especially when they're attached to a gag as well thought-out and fun as this one.

This is STUPID.

However, it's so stupid and goes so well to whatever track this is that it's undeniably hilarious. I have no idea what I just saw but I adore it.

Nothing like a good scare.

How can you not love that? Sure, his pale face might haunt your dreams, but it's still a great gag. And that's all that matters, darn it.

Who can't relate to this?

Hits a little too close to home. And he was able to hit upon a universal human truth, just with some glasses of water.

Self perception is difficult to reconcile with.

Maybe don't puff your chest out so much?

Someone get this cat a TV deal.

Although I have a sneaking suspicious someone tucked that little guy in bed. Still impressive it just sat there to watch birds, though.

Wait for the last one.

Props for using soap instead of a banana peel.

Best 'Fortnite' livestreamer of all time.

Clickety clacky, he's at the top of the mappy.

This hurts.

It's worse than re-arranging the letters on a keyboard.

Such a positive message.

And she did all of that in high heels.

He knows he messed up.

Just look at his face. Either that or he knows he's being framed for the approval of internet strangers.

Doesn't your husband have nipples?

Pretty inventive way to animate a scene, I have to admit.

This is just so cute and wholesome.

And now I want to go to that restaurant.

Practice makes perfect.

But maybe she should change up her practice regimen. Just saying.

This bird must need electrolytes.

Either that or it's the spawn of satan.

The most spellbinding TikTok of all time. Here it is.

It's not every day you get a moving and powerful scene, with a cover of a classic song, all mixed into one. Wonderful.

This guy's a sweetheart.

But if she doesn't want to be on TikTok, dude... maybe don't put her on there.

TikTok isn't just for people falling and jokes.

Sometimes you can see the magical wonder of mother nature on the platform. I mean butterflies are pretty great.

Probably not the best example to set for your kids.

But at least it's funny, right?

It's... it's beautiful.

And it will give you diabetes.

Definitely staged.

And although you're waiting for the jump scare, admit it, you jumped.

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