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Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood and Family

Robert Wagner Is Still With the Actress He Courted Months After Losing Natalie Wood



At the time of her tragic and untimely death in 1981, Hollywood darling Natalie Wood was married to actor Robert Wagner. "Natalie was such a special, marvelous woman and we found each other twice in our lives," Robert recalled in an interview with FOX News. "How lucky I was," he added.

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Now, HBO's latest documentary, Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind is aiming to tell the story of the Rebel Without a Cause star's life, and her whole family is opening up to discuss their most cherished memories.

Even her 90-year-old widower Robert appears in the documentary, detailing his relationship with the West Side Story star, as well as sharing anecdotes of the two times the actors married. But did Robert Wagner remarry after Natalie tragically died at the age of 43? Keep reading while we investigate Robert's relationship history.

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Is Robert Wagner married?

Robert and Natalie married twice. Their first marriage lasted from 1957 to 1962, and the Hollywood stars would go on to remarry in 1972. During the years between the two nuptials, Natalie married and split from Richard Gregson, to whom daughter and What Remains Behind producer Natasha Gregson Wagner was born.

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When they married for a second time, Robert and Natalie had a daughter together: Courtney Wagner, who they raised together with Natasha.

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Jill St. John And Robert Wagner

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And it turns out that Robert moved on from Natalie very shortly after her tragic death by drowning. While Natalie passed away on Nov. 29, 1981, Robert began a relationship with actress Jill St. John not even three months later, on Valentine's Day 1982.

Jill St. John first met Robert Wagner when the two were contract players at 20th Century Fox back in 1959, and they would go on to continue working together in Hollywood.

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Jill and Robert were both in the films Around the World in 80 Days, Something to Believe In, and The Calling. They made appearances playing themselves in Robert Altman's 1992 satire The Player, and Seinfeld fans might even recognize the couple from their appearance in 1997's episode, "The Yada Yada."

Most recently, the two starred in the TV movie Northpole, where Jill played Mrs. Claus and Robert fittingly played Santa.

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Jill St. John And Robert Wagner

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Did Robert Wagner kill Natalie Wood?

Robert speaks out in the HBO documentary about the last moments he spent with his wife while they were on a boat off the coast of Catalina Island with her co-star Christopher Walken. As Robert tells the story of Natalie's last evening, he maintains that he last saw her when the actress excused herself for bed.

"I remember I had a few glasses of vino and I was feeling pretty good," he recalls in the documentary to Natasha. "We came back to the boat. I opened up another bottle of wine and had a couple more glasses of wine. I sat there with Chris, and we started talking, and he started to mention to me about your mother—how wonderful she was, and what a great actress she was, and how he enjoyed working with her."

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He continues to say he was "a little tee-off" about how he felt Christopher was "telling me what she should do and how she should behave." "So your mother went down below to our bedroom to get ready to go to bed and I sat there with Chris. I said, 'Don't tell her what to do, and stay out of her life.' I picked up the bottle and smashed it on the table. I was really angry about it. When I look back at it, unjustifiably so."

The two continued to argue, and eventually Robert "calmed down." But as he went downstairs to check on his wife, he says, "she wasn't there." "I looked around, I looked in the bathroom, she's wasn't in the bathroom," he remembers. "And the dinghy was gone."

Watch Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind on HBO today.

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