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Natalie Wood Remarried the Same Man Twice – Get to Know Her Marital History



Natalie Wood is an iconic name in Hollywood, having starred films like Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story with the likes of James Dean and other A-listers. She earned three Oscar nominations by 25 before a tragic accident claimed her life at 43. While much ado has been made about her accidental drowning, which could have involved ex-husband Robert Wagner, we're here to discuss Natalie's marital partners over the years. What was Natalie Wood's love life like, after all?

If you're curious about reading into Natalie's life a bit more than what you may have known about her on the silver screen, we've got all the answers for you. Who was her first husband? How many times did she end up marrying? What's this business about her marrying the same man two different times? The actress had something of an interesting history and we'll certainly get to all of that soon enough. Here's everything you need to know about Natalie Wood's husbands and the story behind each. 

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How many husbands did Natalie Wood have?

Natalie Wood was married three times in her life, but she only had two husbands. How is that possible? In 1956, Natalie had a brief relationship with Elvis Presley, but the two never wed. However, after having a crush on actor Robert Wagner for most of her life ever since she was a child, she ended up pursuing a relationship with him. Her studio arranged a date with Robert when she was 18 and him 26. They married on Dec. 28, 1957, much to her mother's chagrin. 

However, by June 1961, the pair had separated after just a few years into their relationship. Just a year later, they ended up divorced. That opened the door for a second marriage, when Natalie married British producer Richard Gregson in 1969. They had been dating already for around two and a half years ahead of their marriage, as Richard waited for his divorce to be finalized. After marrying in 1970, the pair had a daughter named Natasha. 

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However, it wasn't to last. In August 1971, Natalie heard a phone conversation between her secretary and Richard, which prompted a separation. Her mother insisted they stay together for their child and they did briefly, but they ended up being divorced in 1972. In early 1972, the actress wasted no time when it came to rekindling her earlier romance with ex-husband Robert Wagner. 

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They ended up marrying in the summer of 1972, just five months after reconciling and three months after Natalie's divorce from Richard. Though it was technically her third marriage, it was her second relationship.

"Her marriage was considered to be one of the best in Hollywood, and there is no question that she was a devoted, loving—even adoring—mother and stepmother," said her sister Lana Wood. "She and R.J. had begun with love and built from there. They had overcome each other's problems and had reached an accommodation with time and the changes time brings."

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Natalie and Robert remained married until the actress passed away. It's a shame to have seen such talent lost at an early age, but at the very least it does appear she passed while in a stable relationship with a happy family (despite the ancillary accusations). 

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