The Future of Sutton and Richard on 'The Bold Type' Is Still Uncertain

The show's fourth season left Sam Page's future up in the air, and now, some are wondering whether he's leaving 'The Bold Type' for good.


Jul. 16 2020, Updated 1:24 p.m. ET

sam page the bold type
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The penultimate episode of the fourth season of The Bold Type left the relationship between Sutton and Richard up in the air. Richard, played by Sam Page, was the older member of the relationship and wanted to have kids. Sutton, after suffering from an early miscarriage, realizes she doesn't, and doesn't anticipate changing her mind. As a result, Richard leaves the apartment they share together, seemingly for good. 

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Will Sam Page be back on 'The Bold Type'?

Given the shocking way Richard leaves, many fans are now wondering whether Sam Page will be off the show for good. The split between the two of them seemed quite final, and Meghann Fahy, who plays Sutton, thinks that her character isn't going to change her mind about having kids. “I think she does mean it," Meghann said during an interview with Variety.  

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"Beyond that for Sutton, I think there are a lot of reasons why that might be true for her and I don’t totally feel that she has explored all of that within herself," Meghann continued. "Maybe she’ll do that and not change her mind, or maybe she’ll do that and change her mind." Meghann continued, saying that the way people talk about having kids is changing in the culture at large. 

“The conversation is changing a little bit. It’s way more reasonable now for someone to be like ‘I don’t plan on having kids.’ And now the question now is, ‘Do you want kids?’ instead of ‘When are you having kids?’ I think that’s incredible because everyone is entitled to how they feel about how they want to live their life and I’m so excited that it’s less of an expectation now," Meghann explained. 

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Meghann Fahy thinks Sutton and Richard still love each other.

Although Richard may have ended their relationship for good in the penultimate episode of the fourth season, Meghann doesn't think that the two of them stopped loving each other. “It’s not about how much they love each other. It’s about them having fundamentally different ideas about what their lives long-term look like,” Meghann said. She said that she was also emotional, because their breakup meant saying goodbye to Sam.

sam page the bold type
Source: Freeform
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The couple's final love scene was also meant to be confusing.

Before Richard leaves, he and Sutton have sex one last time. According to Meghann, that scene was designed to be a little confusing. “You weren’t supposed to know if it was make-up or break-up sex,” she explained. Meghann also added that the show had an intimacy coordinator on set for the sequence, which only helped everyone feel more comfortable. "Intimacy is so much more than physical intimacy," she added. 

Fans are not optimistic about Sam's return.

There's still another episode left to air and two more that remained unfilmed. Even so, many of the show's most ardent fans think that Richard may be out of the picture for good. Although it may be unlikely that Sam will remain a regular member of the show's cast, it's still possible that he will still show up in guest appearances. 

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