Fans Are Accusing Melanie Fontana of Taking Too Much Credit for 'Sweet Night'

Devan McGuinness - Author

Jul. 15 2020, Updated 9:13 p.m. ET

melanie fontana sweet night
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We know that when it comes to giant successful music groups, there are often a lot of hands in the process to make all that magic happen. There are coaches, writers, stylists, and it's important that the credit for a job well done goes to where it's deserved. For songwriter Melanie Fontana, "Sweet Night," performed by K-Pop group BTS member V, is causing some drama and she is being accused of taking all the credit for writing the song. 

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What's going on with Melanie Fontana and "Sweet Night"?

The song "Sweet Night," performed by V, was released in March 2020 to be a part of the Korean drama show, Itaewon Class. The song was a super hit and since hitting the airwaves in March, it's climbed the popular music charts and broken records. 

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According to Koreaboo, in July, “Sweet Night” climbed the charts and hit the #1 spot worldwide on iTunes in over 101 countries. The song made V the third highest-charting artist on iTunes. That being said, he was already on the chart. While Adele sits in the second spot, having charted #1 in 102 countries with "Hello," V's band BTS holds the top spot, after "Black Swan" charted #1 in 104 countries.

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According to V's fans, however, the success of "Sweet Night" prompted Melanie Fontana to take more credit for her role in writing the song.

"Sweet Night” was produced by V and BTS producer Hiss Noise. The writing credits for the song are ordered on Spotify as: ADORA, Hiss Noise, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel "Lindgren" Schulz, and V. However, looking at social media, people are upset with Melanie Fontana for seemingly taking more credit for the song than she should. 

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Koreaboo says the drama started on July 14 when Universal Music Publishing featured Melanie on its Instagram. The company shared a photo and celebrated her work on "Sweet Night." 

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"TYSM for all the support," Melanie wrote in response to the Instagram spotlight, according to a screenshot. "ME [heart emoji] YOU GUYS SO MUCH."

Fans caught on to this and called Melanie Fontana out.

When V's fans caught wind of the Instagram highlight and Melanie saying thank you, critics flocked to Twitter saying she's taking all the credit without doing all the work. The situation was made worse when her husband, fellow songwriter Michel "Lindgren" Schulz, commented, after Melanie had already gotten some pushback, that "she and I wrote, in fact, every single word in 'Sweet Night.' By request of the label and V himself. You have no business harassing Melanie." 

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"Honestly f*ck melanie fontana for taking all the credit to herself???," one Twitter user wrote. "the way she words her post is not sitting right with me at all. 'i ended up breaking records' NO YOU DIDN'T BREAK THOSE RECORDS, BTS DID." 

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"Idk who u think u are but u need a f*cking reality check. taehyung broke records w sweet night bc HE IS TAEHYUNG... he would’ve done it regardless of if ur white a** was involved or not," a second critic wrote. "get rid of this coloniser mindset. SWEET NIGHT IS TAEHYUNG’S RECORD NOT YOURS @MELANIEFONTANA" 

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"Cancel that Melanie Fontana lady.. has been really sketchy," another said. "This goes way back to the bwl credits thingy too and now credits for sweet night....." 

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