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Source: CW

Betty Could Be the Next Black Hood on 'Riverdale' — Here's Why


The town of Riverdale can't catch a break. If there isn't a hooded killer running around, there’s a dungeon master adorned with branches laying waste to unsuspecting victims. Now, they have to worry about the serial killer gene on Riverdale, especially since it appears to be more common than the red hair gene in that town. And the red hair gene is strong in Riverdale.

Betty learned about the gene in a recent episode during her junior F.B.I. training with her long lost half-brother whom she shares with her boyfriend. Everything about that sounds wild enough without Betty’s new obsession with the serial killer gene thrown in there. But now that she has been made aware of what she is told is a gene shared by those with psychopathic tendencies, she is on the hunt to figure out if those carrying it, including herself, really are destined to become a killer.