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Source: Photos by Bryan Bedde/Getty Images Courtesy of American Express

Lili Reinhart Teases the Possible Return of This 'Riverdale' Villain in Season 4 (EXCLUSIVE)


Edgar Evernever (Chad Michael Murray) finally ascended… just not in the way he probably would have liked.

The most recent Season 4 episode of Riverdale saw Betty (Lili Reinhart) and her mom Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amic) finally take down the evil organ-harvesting cult leader of The Farm. Besides deactivating a bomb by using a simple bobby pin from her hair, Betty decided to face Edgar and his band of farmie followers alone in Episode 3. 

After getting knocked out by the leader’s wife Evelyn, whom we all initially thought was a teenager, Betty and her mom foil Edgar’s plan. You know, the one that would have involved killing all of his followers by driving them off a cliff and escaping in a self-made rocket. In the end, Alice corners Edgar and shoots him dead, even stating when her daughter asked what happened: “Edgar ascended.”