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Source: Universal Studios

Sweet Commercial Reuniting E.T. and Elliott After 40 Years Has Fans Asking for a Sequel


Hollywood has a long history of producing film sequels that manage to take a fat dump on whatever magic they created with the original. Speed 2: Cruise Control was god awful, Jaws 2: The Revenge is equally bad, and, even though I'm not a movie, many would agree that my mom's decision after having my older brother was generally ill-conceived.

Still, a recent Xfinity commercial that reunited Elliott and his alien pal from the classic 1982 film, E.T. has people asking if another's in the works.

Is there a sequel to E.T.?

While the original movie is an absolutely cherished piece of cinema, it turns out that most E.T. offshoots, spin-offs, and side projects were steaming piles of trash, literally. The E.T. game for Atari was not only a terrible, joyless piece of tech, it was so rushed into production that the game wasn't even finished and it would sporadically crash. So now there's a landfill filled with tons of copies of it somewhere in New Mexico.