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South Side Pride! Sadly, 'Shameless' Fans Will Have to Say Goodbye to the Gallaghers



Want to feel old? What if we told you that Shameless has been airing on Showtime for nearly 10 years? Over the past decade, the show has gained a number of accolades including Emmys, GLAAD awards, and Critics' Choice Television Awards.

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After a wild ride with the Gallagher family and some exits from beloved cast members, it has officially been announced that fans of the long-running series will have to bid farewell to the Chicago-based family.

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Sadly, this will be the last season of Shameless.

Though fans were excited to learn that Showtime was renewing the series for Season 11, the network also announced that it will be the last. Co-president of Entertainment Gary Levine explained to Deadline: "Shameless has been such a great performer for us, and we just felt like, 11 seasons is a big fat number."

Adding, "We just felt it was time, and we also liked the idea of giving John and Co. a chance to end it well, to be able to aim for that landing.”  

So, will Emmy Rossum aka Fiona Gallagher be returning to the show, or at least a few episodes, for the final season, which is set to air this summer?

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“Too early to say," Gary told the outlet. "She would be welcomed with open arms but Emmy doesn’t owe us anything,” Levine said. “She did great for the show as the show did great for her, and it was a very amicable parting. So if she surprises us, it would be lovely.” 

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Season 10 of the show, which stars William H. Macy (Frank), returned to Showtime in November 2019, and is comprised of 12 episodes, the last of which will air later this month (January).  

Over the course of Season 10, we've seen Ian return from jail – a welcome surprise considering actor Cameron Monaghan had announced his impending departure in October of 2018. Fans are definitely loving his story arc and are extremely glad he's back in the Gallagher household, noting especially the heartfelt and pleasant scenes he has with Lip (Jeremy Allen White).   

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Debbie (Emma Kenney) and Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) have also been playing a key role this season, as Debbie has been struggling with her new title as head of household, following Emmy's departure as the matriarch of the family. 

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Debbie decided to take the Gallagher's finances into her own hands and has been giving her siblings $100 a week to work with on debit cards this season. In addition to all of this, Frank has taken it upon himself to contribute to the family as well by getting a job. 

Meanwhile, Lip and Tami (Kate Miner) have been adjusting to the struggles of being new parents. 

Considering that the fanbase of the show hasn't waned too much since the departure of Emmy, and that there is so much left to explore within the Gallagher family dynamics, we're sad the show is coming to an end.

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That said, we're keeping an eye out to see if Emmy, and possibly one (or two) of her ex-boyfriends, like Jimmy-Steve, will return for the final season. 

It has been truly historic and momentous to keep watching this amazing and resilient family on our screens every Sunday.

In the meantime, binge Seasons 1 through 9 of Shameless on Netflix and catch up with all the antics. Season 10 is currently on the air through the end of January every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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