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Source: Showtime

'Shameless' Fans Will Basically Riot if Ian and Mickey Don’t End up Getting Married


Ian and Mickey are the only Shameless couple who has been together since the show’s humble beginnings. And while it might have taken them a long time to get here, Ian and Mickey are about to get married on Shameless, finally bringing together Southside’s two trashiest families — the Gallaghers and the Milkoviches. It wasn’t easy for either of them to finally get to where they are. After years of ups and downs, both Ian and Mickey are proud and happy to be together.

But a few episodes ago, Ian didn't want to get married at all. And if he is just agreeing to the nuptials to keep Mickey in his life, their marriage will be off to a rocky start. And now, it seems like Mickey’s motives for an over the top wedding include angering his homophobic father. As much as Shameless fans might want them to be together forever, things could go either way.