Twitch Streamer Drama Rages on as Fans Wonder if xQc Plans on Leaving Twitch

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 22 2022, Published 2:26 p.m. ET

Streamer drama on Twitch has reached an all-time high. With popular and well-known content creators at the center of several different controversial situations, the entire community has been chiming in on recent events.

Recently, Texas-based streamer xQc took to Twitter to comment on Sliker and how his gambling addiction has affected his audience as well as his fellow content creators. He's also commented on the recent cover-up scandal involving CrazySlick and Mizkif.

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But xQc has drummed up plenty of drama on his own. Between another messy break-up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend and his notable absence from a recent streaming event, xQc has certainly gone through the wringer as of late. His recent drama has led many to wonder whether or not xQc is leaving Twitch.

Here's a breakdown of the situation so far.

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Is xQc leaving Twitch? His recent behavior is troubling.

xQc has been at the center of many troubling events in the Twitch community. In September 2022, he had a public argument on his stream with his ex-girlfriend Adept that would eventually lead to their breakup. Earlier this month, he and streamer Hasan also had it out on Twitter after xQc reportedly bailed on a major streaming event called "S--t Camp."

"xQc bailing last second on S--t Camp is obviously bad," Hasan tweeted. "[Streamer] QT busted her a-- for the event."

When he isn't the center of controversy, he's doing his best to combat it in the community. xQc recently tweeted out to address Sliker and his gambling addiction.

"We are aware about this Sliker situation and the victims who were scammed out of their hard-earned money," he posted. "Me and @LudwigAhgren will be trying our best to get money back to those people. This is about the victims. Only them."

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Even before that, xQc's posts could be likened to vague callout posts against his fellow content creators. In fact for the past few months, xQc's keyboard seems to have been stuck on all-caps as he rage-posts against dissenters and haters criticizing him for chiming in on certain issues.

"I've seen dozens of subtweet rodents talking about how I use my platform," he posted on Sept. 17. "Build your own platform, weirdo. Stop bothering me about how I use mine."

It'd be totally reasonable for anyone to want to step away from their Twitch set-up and take a break from the platform. As of writing, xQc seems to be sticking around amidst all the drama. He's made no indication on his social media that he'd be stopping his usual streams any time soon.

That being said, Twitch drama is still making the rounds these days, and xQc is never too far from any of it.

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