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Source: Danielle Levitt/NBC

Isaiah Stannard on 'Good Girls' Is Getting the Coming Out Storyline All Trans Kids Deserve


This season on Good Girls, Beth, Ruby, and Annie have been grappling with the moral dilemmas of their secret lives as criminals. And while all three have struggled to be good parents while not being 100 percent good people in the eyes of the law, one thing was made clear in S2E8. While Annie Marks definitely has some room for improvement when it comes to making good choices, her reaction to Sadie coming out as trans is what all gender nonconforming kids deserve.

Like Sadie, Isaiah Stannard also identifies as trans.

As it turns out, the original casting call for Annie's kid was for a son named Ben, but eventually the call was opened up to kids of all genders. After casting Isaiah in the role, show creator Jenna Bans learned Isaiah (credit in previous work as Izzy Stannard) identifies as trans and uses the pronouns he and him, which prompted Jenna to reevaluate Sadie's storyline.