Frustrated 6-Year-Old Writes Scathing Letter Calling Teacher a 'Thief and a Crook'

Robin Zlotnick - Author

May 11 2023, Updated 9:30 a.m. ET

Frustrated 6-Year-Old Writes Scathing Letter Calling Teacher a 'Thief and a Crook'
Source: Pinterest / Twitter

Isaiah is a 6-year-old student who had had it up to here with his teacher's unfair punishments. So he did what any levelheaded first-grader (I assume he's in first grade) would do. He wrote a scathing, savage letter to his teacher explaining everything that was wrong with what she did and telling her she was going to Hell ("the burning 1"). 

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Sure, Isaiah probably could have curtailed his language (and not insulted his teacher's new haircut, for example), but he captured the hearts of the internet anyway. Twitter user @HelloKennedi posted the letter, which she'd come across on Facebook, and it went completely viral on both platforms. Isaiah instantly became a hero for everyone who has ever dreamed of standing up to the injustice they're facing. 

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"Dear Mrs. Jones," the letter reads, "I am angry of you because you took 25 of my hummingbird bucks all because I was talking to Conner. That's no big deal, I'm only 6, I can't be qyet all the time and that makes you a theif and and crook a you are going to Hell real Hell the burning 1 because you a theif [sic]. 

"I worked hard for those bucks and my only prayer in chaple [sic] today was that god gets you to Hell fast, super fast, and your new haircut is bad, real bad. Isaiah"

Isaiah has some strong feelings about those hummingbird bucks and about Mrs. Jones. Even though Mrs. Jones called Isaiah's parents in to talk about the letter, pretty much everyone on the internet was impressed by his communication skills and his reasoning. He's only 6 for goodness' sake!

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Not only is his writing impressive, but people applauded his choice of venue for venting his feelings. "Well he gets an A for expressing his feelings in writing versus lashing out during class," one person wrote

"Excellent composition skills and self-esteem," wrote another

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Not to mention, many took Isaiah's side in the argument. I don't know how hummingbird bucks are distributed or their value, but 25 seems like a lot to take away just for talking to Conner. Like Isaiah said, he's only 6! He can't be completely quiet all the time. The kid knows his limits. 

"I admire the way he approached his predicament," another commenter wrote. "25 hummingbird dollars is definitely way to much for talking to Conner! He's displaying that he understands the act of compromise, and he probably doesn't even know the word yet! He's very observant, analytic and understanding."

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Mrs. Jones better watch out. There's a whole section of the internet that is on Isaiah's side and thinks he was wholly justified for writing this letter. And honestly, it makes sense. 

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Rewards are earned. Taking away something a kid earned seems like it would reverse the effect of the reward, rendering them meaningless in the first place. Seems like it would be tough to convince Isaiah that he should work to earn more hummingbird bucks now that he knows that they can be taken away for something as simple as talking to Conner. 

And by the way, where's Conner in all this?! Did he get in trouble, too? I doubt Isaiah was talking to Conner and Conner wasn't talking back at all

The real question we have about this whole situation though — and don't deny it — is what is Mrs. Jones' haircut like? We simply need to know.

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"I bet she's in the mirror RIGHT NOW looking at that haircut," someone wrote. It's true. Little kids have no filter. They are honest to a fault, and the worst part is that a lot of the time, they're right. 

Mrs. Jones terrible haircut will grow out, but her misuse of hummingbird bucks won't unless someone stands up to her. Today, that someone was Isaiah, and we couldn't love him more for it. 

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