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Source: getty | twitter

This Teacher Deducted Points from a Student's Performance for Going to the Bathroom


A photo of a student progress app some schools are using to interface with parents has this 5th grader's uncle worried about the future of education.

Now it's no secret that rapid advances in technology have ultimately affected our ability to collect, share, and generate knowledge.

Getting access to subjects, disciplines, and specialized practices has never been easier thanks to the internet.

What's even better is that access to that collective knowledge is available 24/7, right in the palm of our hands. All we need is a data connection, access to electricity, and we're good to go. 

But, like any good thing, humanity has a tendency to ruin it. It's a story that's at least as ancient as the Old Testament itself. We get something great, and because we're the worst species ever, we go and we ruin it.