Fans Want to Know What Jack Harlow's Hairline Looks Like Under Those Bangs

Jack Harlow rocks a pretty consistent hairdo, but many want to know what his hairline looks like underneath the curly bangs he usually rocks.


May 5 2022, Published 11:27 a.m. ET

Jack Harlow
Source: Getty Images

Celebrities are known for changing up their look as they age and their relationship with their fans changes. Early on in a star's career, though, they may rock the same look for quite a while. That's what's happened with Jack Harlow, who has rocked curly bangs for basically his entire run as a pop star. Now, some fans want to know what goes on behind those bangs, and what his hairline looks like.

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What does Jack Harlow's hairline look like?

Because Jack has never really shown off what he looks like without bangs, some on social media are wondering whether Jack has something to hide behind that seemingly full head of hair.

“Is everyone asleep? Good. I feel like I need a Jack Harlow forehead reveal ASAP bc the curled bangs are really banging," one person wrote on Twitter.

“I’m really curious how Jack’s forehead looks under those bangs,” another added.

Jack Harlow
Source: Getty Images
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Some fans are so fed up about the discussion around Jack's bangs, in fact, that they want Jack to reveal what his hairline looks like so his fans will finally stop talking about it all the time.

Jack has yet to announce any plans to change up his hairdo, though, so it seems for the time being that the mysteries of his hairline will remain.

Does Jack Harlow have a perm?

Even as speculation around Jack's hairline has continued online, some fans have also wondered whether he has a perm that gives his hair those wonderful curls. Thankfully, we do know that Jack's curls are real, even if his hairline remains a mystery. Much older pictures of him see him sporting the same hairdo, and he hasn't undergone any sort of major transformation other than the length of his hair.

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Clearly Jack is a fan of the way he wears his hair, and likes to use bangs to cover up his forehead. It's possible that that is just how he prefers to wear his hair, and there's no deeper meaning behind it. Of course, on the internet, there's always going to be a theory suggesting that Jack wears bangs to cover up his hairline, because the internet doesn't want anything to be too simple.

Source: Instagram
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Jack Harlow's new album is set to feature high-profile collabs.

As fans online speculate about his hair, Jack has been busy preparing for the release of "Come Home the Kids Miss You," his next album. Jack unveiled the full tracklist recently on Instagram, and it includes collaborations with Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, and Drake. This star-studded lineup suggests that Jack has truly arrived, and is set to be a major force in hip hop moving forward.

While Jack's fans await the release of the album, many of them are consumed by the rapper's hair. It may not seem like the most important topic in the world, and that's because it definitely isn't. Still, many want to know what, if anything, Jack is hiding behind those luscious curls.

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