Are Jackie Aina and Tati Westbrook Really Allies Now? Here's What We Know

Jackie Aina and Tati Westbrook are famous beauty YouTubers with a feud that is just as famous. But have they mended fences? Find out.

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Feb. 11 2021, Updated 1:24 p.m. ET

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The epic battle of the YouTube beauty stars rages on ... or does it? Mega-popular YouTubers Jackie Aina and Tati Westbrook famously had beef. The reasons behind it were heavily speculated about, but weren’t made public. But now there are rumors that they’ve settled their score.

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Why were Jackie and Tati fighting in the first place?

It’s said that it had to do with Tati’s previous close friendship with Jeffree Star, whom Jackie called out for “blatantly racist behavior” in September 2018 after he wore cornrows to promote his beauty line.

"I have not and will not excuse his blatantly racist behavior," Jackie wrote about Jeffree. "Not his past references to me in derogatory terms, his continued use of the N word, nor his efforts to eliminate spaces and opportunities for people of color."

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Jeffree clapped back and famously called Jackie a rat, unfollowing her on social.

In fact, the Jackie and Jeffree feud made Seventeen’s list of the most scandalous beauty vlogger feuds of all time, and Jackie refused to review Jeffree or Tati’s beauty lines on her channel.

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Since then, Tati and Jeffree famously fell out. Fans noticed he unfollowed his former BFF on social media in late 2019, and he made no secret that that friendship is dead and gone. He also said he wasn’t on the PR list for the launch of her shadow palette, which is a huge diss in the world of beauty. 

Of course, fans are speculating over whether Tati and Jeffree’s fallout coincides with Jackie and Tati’s new found friendship. 

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What’s going on with Jackie and Tati now?

Apparently, they’ve officially mended fences! Jackie just gave a glowing review to Tati Beauty Blendiful in a video posted to her channel titled “A Brand I Thought I’d Never Review.” 

Needless to say, this is a huge deal in the YouTube beauty community, because it’s long been noticed that Jackie never reviewed Tati ... ever.

“You guys aren’t dumb,” Jackie says to her followers. “You guys have definitely noticed I have been one of the people that have been very purposefully absent from reviewing this line.”

“Recently Tati reached out to me, and I feel like we don’t see enough of like, mending bridges on YouTube. The beauty community, we have the worst reputation for being messy and toxic because in a lot of ways we are.”

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Tati says Jackie’s review is humbling.

Tati took to social media to express her deep gratitude toward Jackie and her positive review, and of course, fans reacted immediately. Many were glad (and shocked) to see two of their favorite beauty bloggers join forces after years of low-key drama.

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Tati has also famously feuded with James Charles, Elle reports. The two were fiercely connected at one point — so much so that James used to call Tati “Mom,” and even did her wedding makeup. 

But when Tati got upset that James was promoting a direct competitor of hers, things started to go south. 

It goes to show there will always be beauty YouTuber feuds, but they make the new alliances that much sweeter. 

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