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Source: Showtime

Is Finley Trying to Be the Shane of 'Generation Q'?


The L Word: Generation Q is back in full force and we don't even know where to start when it comes to unpacking the reboot of the iconic 2004 show.

While we are enjoying the where-are-they-now aspect surrounding the story arcs of Bette Porter, Alice Pieczeki, and Shane McCutcheon, we're frankly not yet obsessed with any of the younger cast, 2019's titular "Generation Q."

To debrief, we're basically following roommates living in one Koreatown apartment: Dani and Sophie, who just got engaged (Dani works for Bette's mayoral campaign and Sophie works at Alice's talk show), Micah Lee, a super earnest transmasc professor and Sarah Finley, who goes by Finley, and is something of the Shane foil.