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Source: NBC

Who Plays Jake Reilly in 'Bluff City Law'? — Get to Know Actor Barry Sloane


NBC’s new legal drama Bluff City Law follows a group of lawyers in Memphis that take on high-profile civil rights cases. “After barely speaking to her father for years, Sydney (Caitlin McGee) is suddenly thrust back into the family fold when her philanthropist mother passes away unexpectedly. In the wake of this loss, Elijah (Jimmy Smits) asks Sydney to rejoin his firm [Strait & Associates], hoping to reconnect with the daughter he loves,” the show’s bio states. 

Who plays Jake Reilly in Bluff City Law? Meet Barry Sloane.

In the pilot episode, Sydney eventually rejoins her father’s smaller firm and fights for a terminally ill man, who previously worked at a company (AmeriFarm) that produces a cancerous pesticide. Another lawyer that fans met in the series premiere of Bluff City Law is Jake Reilly (Barry Sloane).