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Source: cbs

James Corden Revived Punk'd with Ugly David Beckham Statue


James Corden just pranked David Beckham and it was the perfect combination of strategic planning, comedy, soccer references, and early 2000s TV nostalgia.

You might remember a little TV show called Punk'd where Ashton Kutcher leveraged his stardom and chumminess with a bunch of Hollywood celebrities to put them in awkward situations and prank the heck out of them.

It resulted in some pretty epic moments — some of them kinda mean, but for the most part, they were downright hilarious. It was prank TV gold.

The show went off the air for reasons that I'm assuming are all directly related to the release of The Butterfly Effect and its horrible Director's Cut ending, and I've been saying for a long time that show needs to come back in some form.

The key though is to get a guy that you're not going to be too mad at when they punk you. Someone who's instantly likable and loved by everyone, but also has a bit of a mean streak in them, enough to pull off a wonderful prank.

It looks like James Corden's taking that Candid-Camera celebrity angle and running with it, at least for this bit involving David Beckham, which took three months of preparation to pull off.