These Pictures Appear to Show That Jamie Foxx Got a Hair Transplant

Did Jamie Foxx get a hair transplant? The 'Beat Shazam' host has been sporting an ever-changing (and reversing) hairline in the past few years.

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Apr. 27 2020, Updated 1:56 p.m. ET

jamie foxx on red carpet
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For whatever reason, plastic surgery in Hollywood is still a taboo subject, though many celebrities are going under the knife. Even when pictures clearly show that a cosmetic procedure has taken place, many starlets continue to deny getting anything done, citing good makeup or exceptional lighting.

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This isn't just restricted to women, though. Aside from Botox or fillers, one popular procedure that numerous male celebrities have gone through is a hair transplant. Beat Shazam host Jamie Foxx is just one of the many celebs who have been rumored to have gotten a bit of assistance in the hair department.

Did Jamie Foxx get a hair transplant? He got a tattoo in the exact place on his head where a transplant scar would be, and there are several photos that point to a fuller head of hair.

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Did Jamie Foxx get a hair transplant?

Jamie first rose to fame in 1991 when he got a guest-starring role on In Living Color and he's had a fairly non-stop career since, with two Academy Award nominations in 2004 for Ray and Collateral. He's also since starred in movies like Django Unchained and Baby Driver, and he's released several studio albums.

Fans began to notice that Jamie's hairline changed in around 2007. But, instead of getting a bit of a receding hairline like a lot of men in their 40s, Jamie's hairline actually moved up.  

Hair transplants are when sections of hair are moved from the bottom or back of the scalp into areas closer where hair is thinner or non-existent (which is generally the area closes to the forehead). Scars from hair transplants usually extend all the way around the back, by the middle of the person's head. 

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Jamie in 2000

Of course, Jamie has never said anything about going under the knife, so all of the hair transplant speculation is just conjecture.   

While Jamie is no stranger to shaving his head, the evidence of his changing hairline came when he grew his hair back in. In photos from before the alleged hair transplant, Jamie's hairline is noticeably further back. 

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Jamie Foxx got this tattoo, which could be covering a hair transplant scar.

But, the biggest clue as to whether or not Jamie went under the knife to improve his head of hair came when the actor decided to commemorate his 40th birthday with a very specific tattoo. 

Jamie apparently got the tattoo as a gift to himself, and the ink is a tribal crown that appears to cover the exact area where a hair transplant scar would be. How convenient. 

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These days, Jamie has a full head of hair, and he's likely going to remain tight-lipped about the mystery of his stronger hairline.

You can next see Jamie's hairline when he and his daughter, Corinne Foxx host a Beat Shazam holiday special. See the Foxxs on Fox on Dec. 9 at 8 p.m.

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