Young Elena's Boyfriend Jamie Caplan Sure Was a Heartbreaker

Who is Jamie on 'Little Fires Everywhere'? Learn more about the talented actor and find out where else you’ve seen him before. Details inside.


Apr. 15 2020, Updated 6:22 p.m. ET

jamie little fires everywhere
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Like the picturesque town of Shaker Heights, the characters in Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere are equally pleasing to the eye. 

After audiences got to swoon over Joshua Jackson in his tighty-whitey briefs early on in the series, the new obsession revolves around handsome Luke Bracey, who plays a piece of eye candy from Elena’s past. 

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Luke plays Jamie Caplan, Elena’s college boyfriend who audiences first meet when Elena suddenly goes to New York to investigate Mia’s backstory. 

He’s then reintroduced in the subsequent episode “The Uncanny,” which consists entirely of flashbacks to when Elena and Mia were young women starting out their lives.

Jamie immediately captivated audiences with his insane good looks, charm, and acerbity. He’s not afraid to call Elena out and helps audiences understand just how controlling she is.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Jamie and the actor Luke Bracey, including what other projects for you to continue drooling over him in.

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jamie little fires everywhere
Source: hulu

Who is Jamie on 'Little Fires Everywhere'?

Audiences are introduced to Jamie when he and Elena are living in Paris as college students. Elena is practically a different person when we see her younger: bubbly, sensuous, and hopeful for her future. 

However, her world comes crashing down when Jamie tells her that he doesn’t want to return to a life in Shaker Heights, and wants to explore the world instead.

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Jamie invites Elena to join him, but she can’t fathom anything outside of her rigid life plan of living in Ohio and building a nuclear family. They can’t come to an agreement and break up.

jamie little fires everywhere
Source: hulu
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Years later, in the story’s 90s present-day, Elena goes to New York to investigate Mia’s past. 

There she reconnects with Jamie, asking him to use his connections at the New York Times to find out more about Mia. Jamie insists on the two having dinner later, but after plenty of champagne and banter, things sour between the two.

After Elena asks Jamie if he wants to come back to her hotel room, he becomes offended and asks her what it’s like to be such a narcissist. Jamie makes a reference to a prior time that they reconnected which apparently didn’t go very well either. Finally, he says, ”it’s not my job to make your life bearable,” before walking off and leaving her in the street. 

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Since Elena would never admit to them herself, the show uses glimpses of her past to explore Elena’s interior life: her desires and later her regrets. 

The next time viewers see Jamie in “The Uncanny,” young Elena has just gone through a mini-breakdown after being overwhelmed by her four kids and has driven off in the middle of the night to reconnect with her former boyfriend.

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After they spend hours drinking and talking at a bar, they go back to a motel room together, but at the last minute, Elena decides she wants to go back home. 

This decision and her accusation that he's taking advantage of her infuriates Jamie, but for Elena, a choice that deviates from her tightly controlled life is unfathomable.

Where else can you see Luke Bracey?

Hunky Australian Luke Bracey has been gracing your screens for a couple of years now. Other than his role as Jamie in Little Fires Everywhere, you can also see him in 2011’s Monte Carlo starring alongside Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez. 

He also starred in G.I. Joe: Retaliation with The Rock, and in the Nicholas Sparks movie, The Best of Me.

This year, you can catch more of Luke as a romantic leading man in Holiday across Emma Roberts, and in the drama Violet with Olivia Munn and Justin Theroux.

Stream Little Fires Everywhere, new episodes are out every Wednesday on Hulu.

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