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Cashier Arrested for Memorizing 1,300 Customers' Credit Card Details


Crimes rates in Japan are incredibly low. So much so that The Irish Times wrote in 2018 that Japan's main crime issue was having too many police and not enough criminals. That tends to mean that when something nefarious happens in Japan, it makes international news fairly easily. 

But to be fair, the latest arrest in Japan deserves all the attention it's getting. As Gizomodo reports, Yusuke Taniguchi, a 34-year-old part-time cashier working at a mall in Koto City, Japan, has been arrested by police for stealing the credit card details of customers and using them to fraudulently buy goods online. 

But Taniguchi didn't install an easily detectable electronic card skimmer on the store's credit card reader. Local media states that the criminal used his photographic memory to instantly remember the credit card details of his 1,300 victims. All he needed was a quick glance at the customer's card.