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Source: iStock

The Story Behind 15 Brands' Iconic Logos


Ever wonder how the famous brands you interact with every day got their logos? The symbols and colors companies use to reflect their brand's values or the sentiments they hope to inspire in consumers are often the result of hours of consumer research, but sometimes, they're happy accidents. 

Here are some of the fascinating origin stories behind iconic symbols of giants in industries from fast food to luxury fashion.


Source: Starbucks

To get to the root of the Starbucks mermaid logo, you must first know the history of the company, which began as a coffee roaster in Seattle's Pike Place Market. The market's location on the waterfront definitely plays a role in the branding, but the truth is, the founders just liked names starting with an "St" sound. They landed on the name of the chief mate in Moby Dick and liked the sound of it. 

They needed an appropriately maritime logo to go with the name and found an old woodcut of a two-tailed mermaid. She's undergone a few facelifts over the years and has gotten a bit more modest, but this siren is here to stay.