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Source: NBC

17 Times Businesses and Brands Tried (and Failed) to Be "Cool"


Meme culture comes at you fast — like, for example, the meme I'm parodying in this very sentence is already six years old. So when businesses try to seize upon a trend or viral phenomenon to appeal to the "kids" and seem "hip" and "with it," it can end up backfiring. And it's especially cringe-worthy when they build that "trying to be cool" factor into the brand itself, sometimes even hitching their entire business model to a concept that will look painfully outdated in a few years. 

Here are 17 businesses whose attempts at capturing the youth market made us laugh for all the wrong reasons. 

(HT /r/fellowkids)

Source: reddit

I'm going to need some novocaine to deal with the pain I'm feeling over this dentist's billboard. Pair a very bad Photoshop job with a clumsy pun and you have this dentist's highway advertisement inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy. Personally, I think "Groot canal" would have been the better pun to lean on for this one.