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Source: instagram

People Are Shaming Jason Momoa's Post-'Aquaman' Dad Bod


Jason Momoa, who's known for having a physique that looks like it's genetically engineered to make all boyfriends and husbands in the world self-conscious, is actually getting body-shamed. Yes, it seems like even he isn't safe from the written slings and arrows of internet trolls.

One of the hardest things for most people to attain once they embark on a "fitness journey" is getting sculpted abs. because it usually comes down to a strict diet.

Maintaining that bodyfat-to-muscle ratio is tough, even when you're a genetically gifted individual like Jason Momoa. Those larger-than-life, mega-sculpted, ridiculously-jacked superheroes go to some extreme lengths to look like comic book uber-humans. In fact, they appear to be in better shape than most professional athletes who fight other humans for a living. 

What people don't realize is that their amazingly great, always pumped and oiled bodies are not only a result of extreme dedication, but also careful pre-shoot planning and a few tricks. To get those striated, pumped-up forearms, actors will hold sandbags for promo shots that are later photoshopped out. To look really jacked before a scene, it's not uncommon for actors to lift weights to get a nice swole look going.