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Source: instagram

Keep Your Girlfriend Away from These Pics of Jason Momoa With His Grandmother


If there was ever a man that wanted to make you feel inadequate around your wife or girlfriend, it's Jason Momoa. The dude's a super successful actor. He's built like a tank and is super-ripped. He's got the perfect tan. He's got long, flowing, luscious locks and can surf and throw axes and swim like no one's business. He hosted Saturday Night Live.

On top of all that, he's a big goofball at heart and has a carefree attitude people just fall in love with. He's the guy your girlfriend leaves you for but you can't seem to hate him because he's just so damn cool.

There's tons of photos on the internet of Momoa posing with guys and their girlfriends. Well, mostly posing with their girlfriends while playfully pushing the dude's off the side or keeping them away in the photo. He gets a big laugh out of it and always seems to be having such a blast all the time. He truly is an enviable man.

And if you hate that Momoa's got such a charmed existence and is the apple of everyone's eye, well then whatever you do, don't look at these photos he took with his grandma.