Jay Will Float Too's Latest TikTok Addresses a Lesser-Known Aspect of Autism

Jay Will Float Too's latest TikTok offers a rare depiction of a common issue experienced by people diagnosed with autism. Read on to find out more.

Leila Kozma - Author

Jul. 30 2020, Updated 2:19 p.m. ET

On July 28, a TikTok user named Jay Will Float Too uploaded a video capturing her first experiences with listening to a song she has never heard before — and half of the internet is still grappling with the sheer cuteness. 

As the 19-year-old social media influencer explained in another TikTok, she is hoping that this new method will help her overcome sensory overload, a common issue among people diagnosed with autism. 

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Jay Will Float Too broke the internet with her new TikTok.

Jay Will Float Too's new TikTok documents her first impressions of a 2015 hit by Børns, titled "Electric Love." 

"hi. im 19 years old and autistic. I get sensory overload with my ears. so I have been practising wearing earphones," she explained in the caption. 

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For the first few seconds, she is cautiously nodding along to the song. As the chorus kicks in, however, her hands automatically go up in a beautiful expression of enthusiasm — indicating that the experiment was a major success. 

"this was hard for me but im going to keep practising," she wrote in the captions. 

The video was viewed by 9.9 million and counting. It received 55,200 comments so far. 

The TikTok went viral in record-short time frames, with many adoring Jay Will Float Too's sweet mannerisms. 

"boys we need to protect her at all costs," read one of the comments. 

"If anything happens to this pure soul we all come to her side," wrote someone else.

"finally just wholesome content i can smile to and feel good about. proud of u bud," commented another fan. 

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Source: TikTok

To explain how the captivating video came about, Jay Will Float Too uploaded an additional TikTok on Thursday, July 30, as well. 

"I have autism, and I experience sensory overload. Sensory overload is when one or more of your senses get completely overwhelmed and this happens a lot to me in my ears. I don't like it when people touch my ears. I go into a full panic attack almost instantly," she explained.

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Jay Will Float Too's TikTok offers a candid depiction of a lesser-known aspect of autism.

Unlike most of her videos, the latest TikTok touched on an aspect of her everyday life most people unaware of what an autism diagnosis entails wouldn't necessarily have been aware of. Arguably, she also gave the internet 15 seconds worth of pure cuteness. 

Having uploaded her first video to the social media platform on Dec. 16, 2019, Jay Will Too Float amassed a whopping 315,000 followers in less than a year. 

Source: TikTok
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Her TikToks tend to capture the impressive results of style and makeup makeovers, alongside a few cosplaying-related projects. In the past, the TikToker dressed up as Velma from Scooby-Doo and Eleven from Stranger Things, among many others. However, her profile is decidedly not autism-focused.

For what it's worth, the recently uploaded clip does mark a new beginning for the TikToker. Let's hope she will continue to upload videos capturing her first impressions of songs she's never listened to before. 

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