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Source: Getty Images

Were Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Lip-Syncing During the Halftime Show?


Well, the Super Bowl is officially over. All that’s left to do is debrief about the commercials and talk about the halftime show. First of all, let’s get this out of the way: Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were incredible halftime show performers. However, as you’ve been scrolling through your various feeds, you may have noticed that there has been some controversy surrounding their show. Some people have even wondered if Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were lip-syncing during their performances.

Were Shakira and Jennifer Lopez lip-syncing during the halftime show?

As soon as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the Super Bowl stage, people had a lot to say. As you’d probably expect, there were plenty of people complaining about various details about the performance (because some people apparently just don’t want to be happy). One of those details was that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were lip-syncing during their performance. Wrestler Disco Inferno even tweeted about it: