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Here Are 9 Monday After Super Bowl Memes to Get You Through the Day



As fans geared up to watch the 2020 Super Bowl on Feb. 2, the last thing they wanted to think about was getting up early for work the next day. Unfortunately for most people, that's exactly what they had to look forward to on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Plenty of people would love for the Monday after the Super Bowl to become a national holiday. In fact, a survey from the company DraftKings — which was conducted by the polling firm SurveyGizmo — found that 40 percent of American sports fans would rather give up another work holiday than show up to their jobs the Monday after the Super Bowl. They would much rather rather forfeit Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, or Columbus Day than stumble into work exhausted and hungover.

But petition as they might, sports fans are likely never going to get their wish.

For those who are desperately grasping for something to make one of the most hellish of Mondays the tiniest bit better, we've rounded up some memes to get you through the first day of the workweek. Because literally no one wants to be working right now. And we're all thinking ...

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How easy it is to identify the sports fans

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Yep. If you want to chat to co-workers who actually watched the Super Bowl it'll be a cinch to pick them out of a crowd. Just look for individuals with dark circles under their eyes who are desperately clutching coffee and probably stumbling around. They're your people.

How much you hate co-workers who thought ahead

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The unlucky souls working the Monday after the Super Bowl will be cursing their co-workers who thought ahead and took personal days in advance.

How we all feel heading into work today

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We can all relate to this feeling the Monday after the Super Bowl.

When you're having a great time at a Super Bowl party — and then remember you have to work in the morning.

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Is it even possible to fully enjoy and appreciate a Super Bowl party when you know you'll be waking up early the next morning to head to work? No. No, it isn't.

How most of us feel by 10 a.m. the Monday after the Super Bowl.

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It's impossible to keep your eyes open when you'd rather still be home in bed. Shutting your office door and sneaking in a quick nap is incredibly tempting about now.

You're already dead inside coming in to work on a Monday.


The Office fans know this one because it's a signature meme from Michael Scott himself.  

Hating your co-workers who "called in sick"

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Who is conveniently sick the Monday after the Super Bowl. No one, that's who. They are most definitely not sick; they're simply sleeping all day. Like you wish you could be.

At some point, we all have this same thought.

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Seriously, why can't the Super Bowl just be on a freaking Saturday? Then everyone would be able to party on Saturday and still have Sunday to recover, sleep, and then show up well-rested for work on Monday. Let's get on this, people!

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