Jesse Tyler Ferguson Prioritizes "One-on-One" With Husband After Having Kids (EXCLUSIVE)

In an exclusive interview with 'Distractify,' Jesse Tyler Ferguson opened up about traveling with his kids, not "sweating the small stuff," and more.

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Jun. 12 2023, Published 10:48 a.m. ET

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita.
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Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, Justin Mikita, are the proud fathers of two sons—Beckett Mercer (born July 2020), and Sullivan Louis (born November 2022).

Since becoming a dad, the actor has learned not to "sweat the small stuff" and to focus on his other "full-time job that doesn't involve my industry." But having kids doesn't mean not prioritizing one's relationship.

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In an exclusive interview with Distractify, Jesse — who partnered with Citi Travel with— opened up about how he prioritizes one-on-one time with his husband as a dad of two young boys, as well as his go-to parenting travel hacks, and more.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita.
Source: Courtesy/Citi Travel with
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Jesse Tyler Ferguson says he prioritizes alone time with his husband after having kids.

Let's face it — balancing kids, work, and a relationship can overwhelming at times. But, Jesse says that he and Justin prioritize alone time for their relationship.

"We've always enjoyed getting away, even when we didn't have kids," he told us. "It's always felt very important to our relationship, to be able to get away and just have time to connect as a couple. And that again, was definitely what happened even before we had children."

As an early Father's Day present, the couple decided to enjoy a staycation in Santa Monica, booking the getaway using the new Citi Travel with site with Jesse's Citi Premier card.

"I think one-on-one time with your partner is incredibly important even after you have kids," he added. "So we were able to plan this vacation really easily."

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita in Santa Monica.
Source: Courtesy/Citi Travel with

Though Jesse enjoys traveling just one-on-one with his partner, the actor also loves booking vacays for the whole family.

"We also love traveling with the kids too," he said. "With Beckett, who's now almost three years old, you know, he's really fun to travel with. So it's really great bringing him along."

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"With kids, [we] obviously have to think about what are we going to do to keep them busy and entertain them and you have to sort of fill their days and it's a little easier on on vacation because it's a new place and you're in a new location and there's new things to explore," he continued.

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When it comes to traveling with kids, Jesse told us that he's still trying to figure out the best travel hacks, but one that he discovered is to call ahead at different hotels, restaurants, etc., to request necessities for the kid like travel cribs and high chairs.

"So they can actually be waiting for you at the hotel," he explained. "So you don't have to travel with a lot of that stuff. That's something I recently discovered, which has been really, really helpful and really useful."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson on what he's learned since becoming a dad.

Since becoming a dad in 2020, Jesse has learned to not "sweat the small stuff," which is something he's always done.

"Once you have kids [...] you just don't have time, you don't have time in the day to worry about everything," he said. "You know, you sometimes just have to chalk it up to like, 'Well, we'll deal with it tomorrow.'"

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"So that's been very helpful because I am as I like to stress, I like to have control over things. I like every day to sort of end neatly knowing that I've completed everything that was supposed to complete that day," he continued. "And I've had to let all of that go. So I think that's actually been very helpful and very healthy for me."

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