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Source: Warner Bros.

Joaquin Phoenix Revealed That His Family Belonged to the Deranged 'Children of God' Cult


Joaquin Phoenix received an Oscar nod for his performance as the criminally insane iconic DC villain in Joker, a film that, depending on who you ask, is either a brilliant expose of nihilism that takes a strong direction in the superhero genre of films, or is plainly "dumb."

As it turns out, however, the actor is no stranger to divisiveness and controversy — he was technically born into it due to his family's involvement with The Children of God cult.

His own performance career is one that's been in headlines for numerous reasons throughout the years, however. His fascinatingly awkward interview on David Letterman to promote his "documentary," I'm Not Here, where the actor plays himself trying to break into the hip-hop industry, to all of the controversy surrounding his friend Casey Affleck's involvement in the movie, the 45-year-old has helped drum up his fair share of media drama.