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Source: Twitter

This Woman Got a Job Rejection So She Went to Disneyland by Herself


Julia Prescott is a writer and comedian in Los Angeles who recently got rejected from a writing job. Unfortunately, that's not all that uncommon in L.A. But that doesn't mean it doesn't sting when it happens, especially when it's a gig you were really hoping to get. When Julia got this particular rejection, she decided to do something wonderful to cheer herself up. She went to Disneyland. Alone. And live-tweeted the whole thing.

Going to Disney alone is a long-standing fantasy of mine. I feel like it's probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. As a writer in L.A myself, I also have personal experience hightailing it to an amusement park after a job rejection. I got laid off from a writing job...on election night...in 2016...and decided the only thing I could do to not spend the whole next day cry-laughing in bed was to head to Universal Studios. So that's what I did, and even though I had a couple people with me, it was still the best day ever. So I'm with Julia. I understand what she was going through. And I'm so here for it.

Source: Twitter

Julia started her day the right way. She took up that Disney employee who approaches you when you enter the park on their offer to take a picture of your group. Only it wasn't a group. It was just Julia. And it was glorious.