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People Are Sharing the Hilarious Reasons They Got Kicked out of Disney


Disney is the happiest place on Earth. And you know how they keep it that way? By kicking out the weirdos and deviants and other people who try to ruin it for everyone else. The hilarious hashtag #WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney is chock full of wildly inappropriate things people have done to get kicked out of the parks. Most are jokes (I sincerely hope), but that doesn't make them any less funny. Without further ado, here are a bunch of folks who got themselves kicked out Disney. 

Source: Twitter

What! What are these pictures? How could Minnie do this to Mickey? How could Goofy try to silence this fan who definitely saw something they were not supposed to see? And on another note, how... how does it even work? I mean, Goofy's a dog. Minnie's a mouse. That's quite a, um, difference, if you know what I mean.