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Source: Disney

'The Lion King' Would Have Gone Down Much Differently in Real Life


Believe it or not, the famous cartoon adaptation of Hamlet starring a bunch of lions isn't exactly biologically accurate. The way lion prides work in real life...well, it's very different from the way things happen in The Lion King. Namely, in real lion prides, the female lions are the ones in charge. Now that's a reboot I would watch.

For National Geographic, writer Erin Biba explains how real lion communities work and what would happen in real life if the plot of The Lion King were to occur. It's a question that many lion researchers and scientists have been wanting to answer for a long time, and I don't blame them. The first line of Erin's article pretty much sums up the differences between The Lion King and real-life lion prides: "A lion pride is all females all the time."